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MeJay Fearn is a Solutions Architect working at Claranet, who on leaving school in South Yorkshire joined the British Army as an Accountant, moving swiftly through the ranks, he realised that his passion was in Computers and started his Computing Career in the Army as a PL1 programmer, modifying code to validate data input streams that contained changes to soldiers records and pay before processing in the mainframe.  He quickly realised that his passion wasn’t in mainframes, and moved into developing for UNIX-based solutions, where he stayed for the term of his service, having completed many roles from developer to operations team leader.

In 1999, 15 years later having attained the rank of Warrant Officer he left the army and joined Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as a Systems Engineer where he architected and sold a web hosting solution that provided  General Motors Europe with a platform to support both B2C and B2B functions, it was during this role he learned the skills required of an Infrastructure Architect, and realised his true passion in designing infrastructure for high hit websites, the main client-facing site here was www.vauxhall.co.uk.  During his time at EDS her honed his skills in troubleshooting, typically finding issues straight away, and became skilled at Capacity Planning and Trend Analysis, he also started his Open University Degree and started to dabble in virtualisation, using VMware Workstation to enable his Linux desktop to run the corporate Windows image.

Having architected the General Motors Europe deal, and completed five years, it was time to move and moved to Attenda a Managed Service provider.  He continued enhancing his skills  at designing high hit websites, architecting solution for firms like Travelodge (www.travellodge.co.uk), where when a £19 a room per night sale was released, it caused massive swings in page impressions per second, going from a normal of tens of pages to high hundreds of pages per second, and NISA Today who’s solution was mission critical in so far as if it went down for more than a few hours, the supply chain of NISA today would come to a standstill  He also architected a multi-tenanted virtual platform, which Attenda sold very well.    During this time he also graduated from the Open University with a BSc.

Having spent 5 years and being promoted to Principal Architect at Attenda he decided to move to Claranet in 2009.  He designed a multi-tenanted virtual solution, which became the best-selling hosting product that Claranet had developed.  He migrated the Channel Five websites from a purely physical solution to a private cloud solution and then again migrated to Claranet’s Public Cloud the Virtual Data Centre.  He also designed and deployed infrastructure for the Big Brother website, a website that has an extreme spike in traffic when the TV show airs.  Amongst many others, he also architected the website for Ann Summers (www.annsummers.co.uk ).

Jay is married to Emma with two daughters Megan and Bethan.

Jay has passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam.

Jay has passed the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam.

Jay has passed the Veeam Sales Professional 2020 Exam.




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