HP Microserver £100 cashback

The HP Microserver is now on offer, they previously had £100 cash back, but when the N54L came out the cash back was withdrawn.  Well its back, which is good news.

I purchase mine from www.serversplus.co.uk, they are an excellent company, who are very responsive and keep you informed.  Never had a problem with them.  BTW I have no affiliation to them, and I am not getting paid for this post.

I have used them three times and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

I have just ordered a microserver from serversplus (http://www.serversplus.com/servers/tower_servers/hp_tower_servers/704941-421) , to add to my virtualisation test bed, which consists of two microservers, and a Synology DS212J (a device that is both cost effect and feature rich), this will be a third server, so I can test the new Windows 2012 R2 when it is released at the end of the month.

Maybe I should create a post of my experiences.


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